Carl and Debra have been married for over 37 years.  They met in college in 1981 as destiny made sure their paths crossed on the first day of class.  

While walking from opposite directions on campus.  As they begin to move closer towards each other, their eyes suddenly locked and they both knew in that moment something special had just happened.

40 years later, they are still going strong! They have been blessed with 4 beautiful children,  whom they are very proud of.  Carl and Debra are still very much in love and they invite each and every one of you to join them on their journey to build more equitable socio-economic systems that benefit BIPOC and disenfranchised communities across the globe.  

Since the first day they met this couple was drawn to the business world as entrepreneurs and activist.  With a very deep passion to help the disenfranchised and a genuine concern about the inequalities within the system, they began a journey of discovery, overcoming many obstacles from the start.  

As a struggling young couple with dreams to conquer the world, they started their life’s journey working for low wages and trying to make ends meet.  

Carl & Debra both had dreams of owning their own business and the couple soon started a sales/marketing company.  Little did they know this was the start of a long business career together. 

It was during this time they were mentored by a group of senior business leaders who took interest in their strong sense of fairness and equality and encouraged their pursuit of success.  This training set the fundamentals in place.      

As they traveled around the country, every marginalized community they visited was predominantly filled with people of color, a growing homeless population and millions of people struggling just to make ends meet.      Carl & Debra wanted to know how and why. 

Worse yet, along the way they discovered the people who had the power and the resources to solve these issues either did not understand the gravity of the situation or they just didn’t care about the state of these communities. 

This type of “In Your Face” blatant, nonchalant attitude, kindled an anger within the couple that compelled them to go to work researching why and how this was happening.  

They were stunned at what they found!  Knowing deep in their hearts there had to be a much better way to help this population, they began working on finding solutions.    

Over the next 30 years, they would run multiple pilot programs.  Some were very successful while others not so much.  These initiative included industries such as long haul truck transportation, call centers, recycling center, staffing agency and several others.  

The success of these programs proved steady employment is possible for this market.  The problem was it could not be “scaled up” to reach the masses of people in need. 

It was during this time they began to embrace the idea of building a new system that would create economic and social opportunities specifically for this market.

Removing the economic boot off the necks of these communities and creating a pathway to self-sufficiency.  That was the birth of the building blocks of what is today their signature initiative, TME-Systems.


After setting their sights on the system itself, they based the foundation of TME-Systems on the two assets found in abundance in every disenfranchised community.  

The enormous number of people impacted (human capital) and their consolidated micro economic spending power (over $4 trillion). 

Internet technology has made it possible to utilize these two assets to the benefit of participating members within disenfranchised communities.

Carl and Debra drew on their career experiences in building TME-Systems.  Debra grew up learning all phases of the family restaurant business.  She honed her administration and business skills long before college.  

She has earned several performance awards working in the dislocated workers program in Wisconsin and has received letters of support , dating back to 2007 from the Governor of Nevada, as a 501 C3.

Carl’s background is investments, sales, marketing, management and training.  He raised the funding to start the pilot projects.  Over the years he built and ran call centers of up to 30 brokers and was Executive Vice President of a private investment firm.

His duties include marketing and promotional materials, training new brokers and on-time delivery of investment projects.  Carl and Debra’s vision of a pathway to success for the disadvantaged is ready to come full circle.  With unwavering determination, grounded in faith, this next chapter promises to be the most exciting!   

It’s Time!


From the Founders

Since the beginning, we were driven to find a better way to improve the lives of the millions of people living at the bottom of the economic scale.

Poverty, incarceration, unemployment, substance abuse and day to day struggle, is a common way of life for this massive group of people.

We believed a more effective system was possible to benefit, sustain and expand opportunities specific to the needs of these populations.

This is the story on how we found it.

TME-Systems Executive Team






Executive vice President-CFO



Executive Director: Project Funding and Alternative funding Development



Executive Director:  Community outreach  peer to peer – Brand  Ambassador- Public Speaking Development 




Executive Director: Budget Development, International Alliance



Executive Director: Budget Development, International Alliance



Executive Director: Operations, Small Business Development



 Executive Director: African Diaspora,     Global Community Outreach