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Our business structure is based on Social Enterprise.  This means the BIPOC communities we want to help, should be part of the solution.  Why?  Because members of the BIPOC community from the homeless to the wealthy, spend $3.9 trillion dollars/yr!

The NTF system consolidates a micro portion of this enormous spending power through membership, then uses the revenue to Create, Fund and Build new infrastructures of opportunity for the people we serve.

As an added incentive, community advocates on the front lines, can now generate revenue sources for themselves and their cause, in a monthly stimulus! 

The innovation of the PUBI stimulus, solved one of the most basic questions we had to address since day 1.  What is the most effective way to get more money into the hands of the people we serve?  We found a way.

NTF members willing to put some “Skin in the Game” through membership and promotion of “Right Now” solutions, are rewarded for their efforts in a monthly stimulus up to $2,500/mo.  

Our Gig Market platform makes participation in the NTF accessible, for those who are ready to change their circumstances, create a revenue source for themselves and help rebuild their community!

The NTF business model puts the Power of Change in the hands of the people, through participation.  No waiting, begging or pleading.  Just Participate! 

Ready to Join Forces?  

First, as a monthly member, your membership alone, adds one more brick of support, to the sustainability of the NTF system.  

For example, every 1,000 NTF members generates over $35,000/mo. to the system.  These funds can be used to support local community initiatives like childcare.  So yes, every member counts!  

Second, by posting an ad or video on our automated platform, you will reach thousands of people, just like yourself, that are looking to Join Forces, in a system that works for BIPOC and the disenfranchised.     

Leveling the playing field of opportunity through innovation, while encouraging new digital soldiers and advocates, to Join Forces in the NTF system.    

Third, as you grow your monthly stimulus (PUBI), you may have aspirations of starting or expanding a business of your own. 

You may be an advocate for a particular cause.  Your participation as an NTF member can generate the funding for your cause, organization or business.  

Fourth, maybe you just want peace of mind for yourself and your household.  How would an extra $2,500/mo. relieve some stress and worry about monthly bills or even eviction in some cases?

Your participation in the NTF system creates an immediate impact to those in your circle that you may not be aware of.  

Because you posted an ad or sent them a link, a family member, friend or even someone you don’t know, was able to build a monthly PUBI to help their current circumstances.  

What do you think?  Would your participation, make a difference to someone? 

Yes!  $2,500/mo. is a good threshold for a more stable quality of life, for most people in our target market.  Less concerns about paying bills, more food on the table for some and more savings or rent payment for others.  This amount meets people where they are.   

While the monthly stimulus is a necessity, our focus is more long term wealth building.   Once you have reached the $2,500/mo. PUBI stimulus level, you have added $30,000/yr. to your income!  

In order to grow and structure your new income, there is a short list of basic certifications that must be completed in order for you to Level Up.  

We start with the basics.  We help set up your company, open a business account, tax deductions and more.  These are all part of the structure you need, in order to protect and increase your PUBI stimulus, by a $1,000 a month at this level. 

Upon completion, your PUBI is increased by $1,000/mo. Each Level Up requires completion of a new set of qualifications to protect and grow your monthly stimulus to the next level.  Building, growing and securing, long term revenue sources in the NTF.  

It’s Time to Join Forces!   

Your PUBI stimulus is deposited, once a month, to your checking account, debit/credit card or one of several other payment portals.  

You can measure your views, progress and earnings in real time, minute by minute, if you choose!  Set your earnings goal, plug that number into our promotion calculator, and it will tell you approximately how many views you will need to reach your goal!

Then simply start posting our ads and promo videos to your social media, friends and family network!  That’s it!  Automation will do the rest!  

When a new NTF member Joins Forces with us, because you sent them a link, you will see it register on your dashboard, instantly!  This is how you build your PUBI and help rebuild your community, in the new economy!!     

Ready to Build Your Stimulus?

A one year membership is $135 registration fee for the first month and $35/mo. after that.  In the NTF system, you will soon realize, you are purchasing much more than a conventional membership.  You are starting a business.

On your computer or smart phone, you will receive your electronic dashboard.  This tells you everything you need to know about your progress and how to grow your PUBI stimulus from day 1.  

A simple 2 step process shows you how to post an ad or send a link.  That’s it!  Follow your progress in real time!  You are notified every time a new member Joins because of your effort!  Watch your PUBI grow!

Make a few hundred dollars each month or make up to $2,500/mo. for starters!  How would you spend an extra $2,500 every month?  

Yes!  As a non profit project under the banner of Primary Group Inc., a 501c3 since 2006, your tax deductable donations are always acceptable.  

Many donors are now doing smaller monthly contributions to several different organizations.  This works well with the NTF system and allows the donor to measure progress on a monthly basis.   

The next level is an Economic First Responder.  You are actively promoting NTF solutions on our automated digital platform to your social media networks.  This one action creates your monthly stimulus. 

The 3rd way to participate is an Alpha Team member.  These are dedicated Advocates.  Front line soldiers that are utilizing the NTF system, to generate funding for their cause, group or organization.       

Select the level that works best for you, then Join the Digital Army of the NTF!  

Simple.  You do it in stages.  First, there needs to be at least 6,500 NTF members in your city.  This level of membership generates over $200,000/mo. for infrastructure, stimulus payments and more.

This level sets the financial base for growth and expansion of the NTF system.  As membership continues to climb to 8,500, we can now start to provide W2 and gig market employment for returning citizens.

Single parents, veterans, Gen Z, retired and many other disenfranchised populations, can create new economic pathways for themselves, because of your efforts, to bring the NTF system of opportunity, to your city.   

Each business model requires a certain number of NTF members to open in your city.  This ensures the sustainability of the business and an $18/hr. starting wage.  Pay raises to $25/hr. within 6-9 months.

Time to Get Started!