What We Offer

(21+) Customizable Business Models

W-2, Gig market and Remote Employment!  Training, Job Placement and Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Specific to BIPOC and Disadvantaged Communities!


To Launch in your City: 5,000+ NTF memberships in Your community creates a sustainable ecosystem of revenue, that funds job creating initiatives and innovative social services directly in the community.

Over $160,000/mo. is generated from membership revenue alone. Thousands of dollars/mo. is distributed within the community to participating NTF members, in the form of a monthly stimulus called a PUBI (privatized universal basic income).

The balance is used to leverage, fund and promote new job creation initiatives and innovations in social service delivery for the local community.

A new tax base is created as membership grows because more people are now competing on the playing field of opportunity!  Building their own pathway to improve current circumstances.      

Innovation in child care services and transportation to meet the needs of single parents. Education, financial & credit training, life skills coaches, mentors, mental health and much more!


To Launch in your City: A foundation of 25,000+ NTF members is necessary to build a PTS Development Center in your community.

Each PTS Center will house up to 300 returning citizens in a college campus type setting.  Starting in barrack style housing upon intake, clients receive guidance, mentors, in house job training, job placement and more.

They graduate to dorm-style housing, based on personal growth certifications, life skills training, employment sustainability and many other successful re-integration markers.

Within 12 months, clients can graduate to their on- campus apartment, re-unite with family, and start building towards home ownership within the next year!  Yes, home ownership is possible within 2 years of release!

Over 400 staffing jobs are created per center. 300 returning citizens per center are employed, paying taxes and contributing new revenue to the overall health of the economy.

The supply chain of food, clothing, toiletries and everyday necessities of life for 700 people on a daily basis contributes to the increase of goods and services moving through the economy.  

Home ownership within 2 years of release brings new qualified buyers into the market.  Creating new pathways for millions of returning citizens to re-join society on a level playing field.    

Family Reunification * More 2 Parent Households * Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty * Reducing Crime by Reducing Recidivism * Safer Communities * Increased Home Ownership * Reduces Recidivism * Saves tax dollars * Reduction in Homelessness


To Launch in Your City:  With 35,000+ NTF members in your city, our Initial Defense System can create an immediate impact to the markets we serve.  

Providing timely, quality, effective assistance of counsel to BIPOC and Disenfranchised communities, to ensure the protection of due process rights. 

The Initial Defense System was originally designed to slow the “plea bargain” process and provide legal help for low level, non-violent offenses such as minor drug possession   

We have since expanded the market to include communities in need and immigrants, to protect their rights and their safety, with affordable legal services. 

Initial Defense members are prepared for a legal emergency.  Instead of having to raise hundreds or thousands of dollars on short notice to retain legal counsel, just make a phone call.    

This service will initially employ hundreds of full time and on-call attorneys and support staff across the country for 24/hr. service.  Creating even more jobs through expansion and additional services.    

Instead of a plea bargain, our clients may stand a good chance of staying with their family with good representation. Keeping the bread winner or family member in the home instead of behind bars.  Reducing the financial stress and trauma of arrest.  

Complete family units are the backbone of stronger and safer communities.  This service eliminates the economically disruptive decision of “do I try to retain counsel at the last minute or do I pay rent or buy food or keep the lights on?” 

Knowing you and your family have legal protection, just in case, puts our clients in a more secure position.        


TO Launch in Your City:  With 42,750+ NTF members in your city, long term affordable housing solutions can be constructed.  From tiny homes to a community built by computers!  Turning renters into owners!

Hundreds of construction jobs are created, large scale employment through new business development, millions of dollars in the bank and private funding and an increase in income and property tax base. Building individual and communal wealth through homeownership!

Social impact:  Stable housing creates economically stronger and safer communities. Keeping families together strengthens the family unit and eliminates the trauma, forced on young children, by separation.  This leads to better outcomes in school, social development and community engagement.


Launch in Your City:  With 48,435+ NTF members in your city, individuals, businesses, and whole communities can experience new innovations in protection, with Vantage Point.

Thousands of new jobs can be created in this 12-billion-dollar industry!  From drone operators to training schools, technicians, security specialists, and more!  Air/Ground Security reduces crime and property damage, both of which increase property value.

Social Impact:  A better quality of life and more peace of mind for those covered by Vantage Point.  Video/audio of “on the spot” interactions, break-ins, accidents and life-threatening situations including domestic violence.  Faster calls to 911 or medical assistance.


Launch in Your City:  With 6,557+ NTF members, a research and development department can be established for your city.  Researching an explosion of new opportunities in the digital economy, that support economic and social initiatives for the local community. 

Economic Impact:  Creating new avenues of income development and multiple revenue streams for individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations in the digital economy.  New innovations in digital business development and virtual/remote job creation, all to support the infrastructure of building self-reliant communities.   

Social Impact: Solutions to child care, women’s rights, single parents, homelessness, mental health and more, can be funded and implemented on the local level.  The more funding sources created in the digital economy, the stronger the economic and social impact in the community. 


Launch in Your City:  With 12,658+ NTF members, a Health and Nutrition Center can be established directly in communities of need. Learning about healthy lifestyle choices and how proper nutrition plays a vital role in long-term health.    

Job creation in the field of nutrition, therapy, massage, exercise, treatment, and overall health to improve quality of life. Mobile service delivery means we come to you.  This creates the need for drivers. Online consultation saves time and creates digital jobs.

Convenience of information, consultation and service, increases the odds of a healthier community.  As obesity and diabetes run rampant in communities of color, it is more important than ever to prevent and/or treat the body through proper nutrition.   


Launch in Your City:  With 15,850 NTF members, a hydroponic facility can be established to produce large scale fresh fruits and vegetables in the local community.  

Hundreds of jobs can be created in agriculture, computer systems, research and development, and new technologies in food production.  Home and apartment development includes a built-in hydroponic system.    

Social Impact:  Better health outcomes, protection against starvation in a food shortage, savings on food purchases and teaching a new generation how to feed themselves in the 21st century.


Launch in Your City: With 4,739+ NTF members, SEDIC can be established in your local community. Creating an ecosystem of micro-investments, business and entrepreneur development and innovative returns.  

Economic Impact:  Micro investments in SEDIC supports funding for economic and social projects that create jobs and generates self-sustaining revenue. SEDIC investment strengthens the economic foundation of the NTF system and generates passive income for the member.       

Social Impact:  Community initiatives such as health care, dialysis centers, food deserts, transportation and more can be funded and implemented right away.     


Launch in Your City: With 9,245 NTF members, Platinum Staffing ARS can be established in your community.  A full-service employment agency designed for the new economy.  Focusing on the specific training and employment needs of BIPOC and the  disenfranchised communities we serve.  

Large-scale, livable wage employment in a fast-growing number of new industries. The digital marketplace is creating thousands of new employment, independent and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Creating economic pathways specific to communities in need.         

Social Impact:  An increase in employment contributes to a reduction in crime and a better quality of life! New optimism for the future is born as communities work together to change their circumstances. 


To Launch in Your City: With 11,478 NTF members, Project Management services can be established in your city.  From strategic planning to new funding sources, budget development and day-to-day operations.  A one stop shop for your project.         

Economic Impact:  Breaking through financial and/or management barriers to lift community projects to the next level. Creating jobs, including management, to complete the project. Completion of community projects could produce hundreds or thousands of new employment opportunities, based on project goals.

Social Impact:  For community-based projects, such as feeding the homeless, new approaches and solutions can be implemented.  For economic-based projects, such as marketing new technology, revenue is generated that supports our social systems, such as affordable housing.


Launch in Your City: With 22,360 NTF members, alternative funding sources for small businesses and start-ups can be established. Unique qualification system, management services, business coaches.

Economic Impact:  Breaking through barriers that have stifled economic growth in communities of need. An increase in new business development and job creation specific to the markets we serve.  New entrepreneurs increase the tax base and strengthen the ecosystem of the community. 

Social Impact:  Breaking through barriers that have stifled economic growth in communities of needMore local employment by BIPOC entrepreneurs creates a sense of pride in the community.  Setting role model examples, that it is possible, to improve your circumstances.    


Launch in Your City: With 13,821+ NTF members, Back Office Administration Services can be established in your local community to help small businesses position themselves to reach the next level.

Economic Impact:  Helping new entrepreneurs better position themselves to receive funding.  New businesses increase the tax base and create demand for employment.  Helping existing businesses pass compliance for expansion capital or hire additional employees.    

Social Impact: Employment avenues create a more optimistic community where residents can envision a better future for themselves.  Decreasing household stress levels for a more stable family life.         


Launch in Your City: With 16,467+ NTF members, Mobile Call Centers can be established in your city.  New innovation creating large-scale employment for BIPOC and disadvantaged communities.  

Economic Impact: Livable wage, entry-level training, and employment in customer service, sales, promotion, and marketing.  Advancement opportunities, hourly and gig market.     

Social Impact: An innovative solution to transportation barriers for the markets we serve.  Work comes to you!  Eliminating hundreds of hours of stressful commute time for every employee, every year!  Improving the quality of life and sparking a new optimism at the local level.      


Launch in Your City: With 18,789+ NTF members, TME-Technologies can be established in your community.  Front and back-end web design, coding, cyber security, and much more!

Economic Impact: Large-scale employment for BIPOC and disenfranchised communities in an exploding industry!  On-the-job training, entry-level, livable wage employment in the digital economy!  Breaking through barriers of education, income, and background to employ our markets!     

Social Impact:  Stronger, less stressful family relationships through livable wage employment.  Increased optimism in communities of color which creates opportunities for discussion and communication with friends and neighbors.  Encouraging an attitude of unity.    


Launch in Your City: With 52,723+ NTF members, we can establish a trucking company in your local community.  Truck driving schools and new innovations allow drivers to spend more time with their families, make more money and enjoy a better quality of life.    

Economic Impact: Large-scale job creation in disadvantaged communities includes; trainers, teachers, mechanics, dispatchers, sales, and more. 

Social Impact:  Livable wage employment strengthens the social fabric of communities.  The more economic options for community members, the stronger the desire to improve individual circumstances and builds up the overall community by example.        


Launch in Your City: With, 39,943+ members, our Warehousing & Distribution system can be established in your city.  The global market value of this industry is expected to reach over 400 billion dollars by 2024.

Economic Impact: Entry-level employment for floor workers, forklift operators, inventory managers, stock clerks, lumpers, customer service, and more!

Social Impact: Every business model strengthens the social fabric of the community.  Encouraging an atmosphere of lifting up one another while displaying role models of community success.     


Launch in Your City:  With 19,642+ NTF members, we can launch TME-Systems Digital Magazine!  Opening a multitude of new pathways to employment.  Informing and engaging our subscribers, from the front lines of the fight for social justice!

Economic Impact: Large-scale job creation for content writers, reporters, researchers, editors, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, and much more! 

Social Impact: Awareness campaigns for; women’s rights, homelessness, veterans, foster care, climate change, social justice, education and many others.        


Launch in Your City:  With 37,723 NTF members in your city, Assisted Living facilities can be established in your community.  State-of-the-art adult care, for those who need help the most. 

Economic Impact:  Scalable job creation for nurses, physical therapists, nutrition, diet, management staff, security, maintenance, transportation, and more. 

Social Impact:  Knowing your loved ones are in a controlled, safe, and secure environment, promotes peace of mind and less worry about dr. appointments, medication, or how they are doing when you are not there.


Launch in Your City:  With 15,642+ NTF members, we can open our E-Commerce Store.  TME caps, t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, jackets, and more!  Expanding into clothing, artistic designs, and new products from up-and-coming entrepreneurs from the BIPOC and disenfranchised community.    

Economic Impact:  Opens the door to a wide variety of artists, designers, inventors and entrepreneurs, to showcase their talents on a national/international platform, creating a retail buying and spending ecosystem, that supports an economically stronger community!

Social Impact: Creating communal unity and a sense of well-being.  Working with each other instead of against each other.  Pride in participation, in economic/social solutions, for your community.


Launch in Your City:  With 75,642+ NTF members, we can establish green technology models in your city.  Electric batteries for cars, wind, and solar, as well as new emerging technologies for water and hydroponics.  

Economic Impact:  Warehousing and distribution jobs for electric batteries, installers, technicians for solar employment, wind farm construction, building autonomous homes, and smart cities.   

Social Impact: Cleaner, safer and healthier homes, and businesses.  Every business model supports the foundation, that improves the quality of life in local communities.