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Socio-Economic Justice Reboot!

Today now more than ever, BIPOC communities are in trouble!  Millions are being forced into permanent second-class citizenship!  From the impact of COVID to the death of George Floyd, unprecedented attacks on women’s rights, human rights, civil and voting rights, dramatic increases in homelessness, domestic terrorism, racism, police brutality and gun violence,  and so much more!

We can no longer afford to focus our time, money, and resources on matters that We Don’t Control! Instead, it’s time to re-imagine what Equality looks like for us! We must define our objectives and bring the Vision of Equality and Justice into fruition.  To accomplish this, BIPOC communities must Join Forces and take this fight directly to the system itself!  Socio-Economic is an essential equity tool, that plays a crucial role in access to power and a seat at the table.

You’re invited to JOIN a conversation about Solutions, Innovation, and Strategies that can Transform any BIPOC community into a Self-Sustaining Socio-Economic Force!  It’s time to end this vicious cycle of systemic inequality!  This is our time!  It’s a CALL TO ACTION!  

This event is free to attend

Date: November 10th, 2022

Time: 1 pm – 2 pm PST 

Location: Virtual Online. You will receive login details as soon as you register

Who is this for?

Anyone that’s passionate about socio-economic right now solutions for BIPOC communities. Everyone who recognizes that we must Join Forces in order to create the type of Change we all want.  If you recognize that it’s Time to Think Outside the Box, this may just be what you have been looking for.       

About TME-Systems & Primary Group Inc.

Primary Group Inc. is a 501c3 since 2006 and is based in Las Vegas, NV.  The core mission of the organization is creating Socio-Economic opportunities specifically for BIPOC and Disenfranchised Communities.  As a dba of Primary Group, TME-Systems was incorporated for this very purpose.  

Through community involvement and local partnerships, Primary Group Inc. continues to develop signature projects to ensure that services to individuals and their families consistently address issues pertinent and germane to their success both at the social and economic level.  


Debra L. Pope

President-CEO and Co-Founder of Primary Group Inc. and the Breaking Barriers Network.  Global Peace Ambassador for Social Justice.

Carl Pope

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Primary Group Inc. and the Breaking Barriers Network for Socio-Economic Solutions.

Jerusha McDonald

President-Global United Voices-Leadership for the Future.  CEO-Women With a Vision International-Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship.