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Social Entrepreneurs – Changing the Game!

"Just as Business Entrepreneurs create and transform whole industries, Social Entrepreneurs act as “Change Agents” for society. Seizing opportunities others miss, in order to Improve our current Systems, Invent and Disseminate New Approaches and Advance Sustainable Solutions that create Social Value. Social Entrepreneurs are driven to produce Measurable Impact by opening up New Pathways for the Marginalized and Disadvantaged. Unlocking society’s Full Potential to effect Social Change".


The NTF is a consolidation of the enormous spending power of the BIPOC community.  Creating new pathways out of poverty, funding local community initiatives and building infrastructures of opportunity that benefit those at the grassroots level!

As an action and spending based digital platform, every dollar you spend in the NTF system is like making a micro-investment into yourself, your family, and your local community.

For example, as an active NTF member, you can generate a personal monthly stimulus of up to $2,500/mo., using your computer or smartphone and our automated system.

Strong NTF membership creates the infrastructure for livable wage employment, affordable housing, childcare, homeless and more!

In the NTF, thousands of stimulus dollars, flow back into individual households each month, based on each member’s effort within the system.

Creating a new pathway for underserved communities to economically recover from decades of neglect, abuse, and systemic inequality! It’s time to end this Vicious Cycle once and for all!

Now more than ever, it is time for us to stand together!  As valued members of the NTF, your participation drives the economic engine to create, fund, and build, socio-economic systems that Work for Us!

In other words, in the NTF system, You are the Catalyst for Change, in your community.

As a National Task Force member, Your monthly membership is an “impact investment” that funds “Right Now” community initiatives, expansion and sustainability of the system.      

Each NTF membership is another brick in the wall of equality and justice.  As few as 1,000 NTF members in your local community, generates over $75,000/mo.! 

At the same time, raising awareness of scalable common sense” solutions throughout our social media platform and active member networks. 

The immediate impact of Joining Forces is thousands of dollars flowing back into disadvantaged communities every month, based on individual effort and participation in the NTF system.

This is why every NTF membership makes an impact!  As membership grows, so do the roots of opportunity.  Reaching deeper into BIPOC communities and disenfranchised populations.      

All made possible by Your membership, in the NTF.

As a hybrid of capitalism and social enterprise, the NTF is structured on the very definition of “impact investing” to benefit BIPOC communities. 

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) defines impact investing as “investments made into companies, organizations, and funds, with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return” (US Advisory Board on Impact Investing 2014).

The World Economic Forum (WEF) argues that impact investing is “an investment approach that intentionally seeks to create both financial return and positive social or environmental impact that is actively measured” (World Economic Forum 2013).

Every NTF membership purchased is an impact investment.  Your return on investment is the opportunity to create your own monthly stimulus, up to $2,500/mo. in the form of a Privatized Universal Basic Income (PUBI). 

Success is measured by the number of jobs and opportunities created in disadvantaged communities.  New business start-ups, new business owners, thousands of new social entrepreneurs and an explosion of remote, gig market, and digital employment, opening new economic pathways.

As an impact investment model, the NTF is limited only by the number of active members that are within the system.  Building your PUBI, builds the system!             

All Nation Task Force (NTF) members are Social Entrepreneurs.  Your one and only job is to “spread the word” through social media.  Just post of the unprecedented opportunities available in the digital economy for local marginalized communities. 

Post one or more of our Google ads or promo videos from your cell phone or computer.  That is, it!  Automation will do the rest! 

As an NTF Social Entrepreneur, the more you post, the more you make!  The more you make, the more you make a difference through action! 

In the NTF system, we include the very people we want to help in our action plan.  Their participation in their own success, creates new economic pathways to self-sufficiency and independence.       

There are millions of people and thousands of organizations in this country and around the globe, that are urgently searching for “common sense” solutions to the socio-economic devastation in their local community.   

Your “job”, is to let them know we are here.  In the NTF system, small actions by a multitude of people, creates an immediate impact called Change!  

This is Your Call To Action!






Just like Medical First Responders, National Task Force (NTF) Economic First Responders are the Front-Line Heroes of their Communities. 

They are front line advocates for a cause or project they are dedicated to such as single parents, veterans, returning citizens, retirees, women’s rights, the homeless crisis and more! 

Economic First Responders are a new breed of LeadershipGenerating funding sources within the NTF system, to create or expand “Right Now” solutions for their organization, mission or vision.        

Understanding the Urgency of this moment in 2022, requires “Right Now” Action!  Economic First Responders are front line soldiers in the digital army of the National Task Force (NTF).       

Changing the Game at the grassroots level.


The capitalistic system has produced the world leading economy of the US.  Amassing tremendous wealth and economic power while creating new opportunities.  

This same system has also been used as a weapon and a barrier, to create systems of inequality at epic proportions for millions of people.

Capitalism is also the weapon of choice for the National Task Force (NTF).  The difference is in how it is used to benefit the masses in need   

The purchase of products and services from any company, is one of the most basic components of capitalism.  Purchases generate the revenue to pay the bills for the business, restock inventory and profit. 

The NTF system uses capitalism as a mechanism to build more equitable systems and open new doors of opportunity for communities in need. 

In the NTF system, revenue generated from membership purchases for example, not only pays the bills, but funds employment and community development initiatives. 

As little as 1,600 active NTF members in your community, generates over $200,000/mo. to fund “Right Now” socio-economic solutions for yourself and in your community.    

Every NTF membership purchased, ignites revenue development, re-engineered to the benefit of BIPOC and disenfranchised communities.

In the NTF system, communities Joining Forces, becomes an economic powerhouse of unity leading to self-sufficiency!  Together, We are the Power! 

Weaponizing Capitalism is buying with a purpose.  Every purchase within the NTF Network, generates revenue to fund, leverage, invest and build, infrastructures of Opportunity, specific to the needs of our target markets.

The economic buying power of the BIPOC community alone exceeds $3.9 trillion/yr.!  If this massive community were a country, their spending power would place this market as the 5th largest economy in the world!

An economy, larger than the countries of India, UK, France, Canada, Italy and Brazil, does not have a money problem, in order to solve the multitude of economic and social issues in their local communities.

BIPOC communities have a consolidation problem.  While there are thousands of organizations and advocates, that have been on the front lines for decades, helping millions of people over the years, it is still not nearly enough.

It is time to Join Forces in the NTF to expand your vision!  You may need or want to create a monthly stimulus for yourself, build a funding source for your organization or start a new business.  

You may have a passion to help single parents, veterans, homeless, retired and many other socio-economic emergencies that continue to grow worse everyday.

Joining Forces in the NTF, is the consolidation of a micro portion, of the $3.9 trillion BIPOC communities are spending annually.  Then, using the revenue to create and fund right now solutions to some of the most pressing issues in their local community!

In the NTF system, there is no waiting, asking or pleading.  BIPOC communities need help now!  Every NTF membership purchased, directly supports the ecosystem of revenue flow back into communities on a personal, business and communal level. 

Micro spending is the secret.  It is one of our most powerful tools because We Control where we spend money.  A small amount of spending in the NTF system, by a multitude of members.  That is all it takes.

Weaponizing the buying power of the BIPOC community, to Create, Fund and Build, systems that Work for Us!

Makes sense, doesn’t it? 


Designed to create an immediate impact in BIPOC communities, NTF rapid respond blueprints are built on a simple 2-step process.  

Fast track your monthly stimulus while simultaneously generating thousands of dollars for community initiatives such as affordable housing development. 

NTF blueprints are designed on an automated digital platform to engage, inform and promote, economic and social solutions, starting at the grassroots level. 

Engineered to unify the economic strength and potential of community efforts and participation.  Creating an immediate impact in your community for BIPOC and the  disadvantaged.                 

It’s Time to Join Forces!   


Think of it this way.  Every NTF membership purchased is a micro investment into your community.  Your return on investment is new employment opportunities, new business development in your community and a monthly stimulus for yourself and/or your family. 

Millions of people within our target market live by micro economic spending.  Buying just enough for today and tomorrow or struggling to pay monthly bills in a stress filled, never ending cycle.

This is part of the $3.9 trillion/yr. that is spent by BIPOC communities.  In the NTF system, these very same communities, can benefit from their own micro buying power, with a micro investment of an NTF membership once a month. 

It is the micro-investment of membership each month, that opens new pathways and builds your foundation of self reliance, as your return on investment.          

Collectively, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), are largely a disenfranchised market over 100 million people.  The combined economic buying power of this market is $3.9 trillion/yr. as of 2021.   

In the National Task Force (NTF) System, as little as 15,000 members in your community, city or state, generates well over $5 million/yr. to create and fund local community initiatives. 

1 million NTF members generates over $30+ million/mo.!  With a market in need of over 100 million people, the NTF consolidates the tremendous buying power of this enormous market, to the advantage of BIPOC and disenfranchised communities. 

So, here are the facts.  There are millions of disenfranchised people across the country.  They have trillions of dollars in buying power.  And now, there is an socio-economic system that works specifically for them. 

It’s time to Join Forces!


Uberization is the New buzzword that is driving   everyone from investors, entrepreneurs, activists,
 and ordinary people, to look for the next big up and coming industry ready for Uber-style disruption. 

The term uberization comes from the successful disruption Uber caused to the taxi industry.  Uber          was the first to popularize a cheaper, more efficient alternative for the consumer!

This new economic model opened the door for   hundreds of thousands of independent drivers, to supplement or create an income source, on their   terms.  Totally disrupting the taxi industry through innovation and competition

The NTF system uses gig market technology to       disrupt economic and social inequality.  Creating   access to employment and innovative economic opportunities for those trapped at the very bottom            of the economic scale.

All you need is a smartphone or computer, and the  desire to forge your own path in the new economy.

Similar to Uber, the NTF creates widespread    opportunity for those who need it the most.  Based          on an automated digital platform, members can        create an income, up to $2,500/mo. for starters.

Raising awareness of new revenue generating opportunities in the NTF system, simply Post one            of our ads or promo videos to your social media.        That’s all there is to it!

Millions of people across this country, are fighting      back against the socio-economic oppression of     BIPOC communities.  The disenfranchised have been crying out for decades for “somebody, somewhere, to please do something”.  The NTF system is our response!

Changing the Game by opening innovative doors of opportunity in the digital economy!

Right Now, it’s Our Time!

The innovation of the PUBI (Privatized Universal Basic Income) is disrupting inequality by opening new opportunities for our target markets to build a sustainable revenue sources for themselves!

Retired persons, returning citizens, disabled, Gen z, veterans, and everyday people, can now improve their “Quality of Life” while expanding new economic pathways for others in the same situation.      

Remote work, gig market and the explosive digital economy, has created an exciting new frontier of innovation and opportunity, that is changing the way     we live and work around the globe.  

The National Task Force (NTF) system, is engineered      to empower the markets we serve through technology.  Creating new pathways of opportunity for the masses     at the grass roots level!  

Welcome to the New Economy!  

Use our automated digital platform to inform your
friends, family and social media community, about the innovative socio-economic solutions of the NTF

a Google ad or promo video. That’s the action!   The NTF promotional system includes our “Finding the Courage” podcast, zoom promotional events, YouTube channel, and a large independent podcast circuit!

All designed to inform and engage millions of people, about the game changing potential, of what we can accomplish together, in the NTF!

Creating massive awareness, of a sustainable system of socio-economic solutions, that helps build your community, your PUBI and your quality of life.

Ready to Join Forces?